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CISO 360 Congress Geneva 2022

At the 6th edition of the CISO 360 Congress Geneva 2022, the conversation focused on Cybersecurity Leadership and Resilience Strategies with some of the most knowledgeable industry leaders from across the world. It was great to share a panel with Aubrey Turner and Nick Gerteisen, CISSP, with discussions on how we can use identity to build trust with users in the Cybersecurity ecosystem and the role of CISOs.

Understanding the value that CISOs bring in influencing and building trust in an organisation is considered a good step in addressing some of the critical challenges organisations face; this is imperative, especially in a rapidly evolving technology space. Finding the common ground that fosters stakeholder collaboration alongside strategic innovation tools was also part of the conversation.

As a cybersecurity expert, I believe CISOs play a vital role in the ideation and implementation of digital transformation strategies for the industry, hence the need for continuous engagement and discussions that can advance organisations’ capacity in building end-user trust.

Well done to the Pulse Conferences team for organising such a fantastic event 🇨🇭.

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